Fat Bikes

Trek Farley fat bike rentals are now on SALE! Having only touched snow, these bikes are in amazing condition. All Hyland Cyclery rentals are fully serviced and tuned before they are sold. This is a great time to save money on amazing bikes. 

These bikes rip snow like no other. With the wide fat tire you get a lot of added traction and stability. These bikes are not only for the snow. They are fun all year round and make amazing bike packing bikes. Add some racks and bags and head out to your favorite secluded spot for the night. 

Our favorite ride we like to do on fat bikes is riding to the Diamond Fork hot springs in Spanish Fork canyon. It is a one of a kind adventure to ride your fat bike in on snowy single track and hop in a hot spring to warm up. You then get out dry off and rip the downhill all the way back to the truck. This is an amazing time with tons of beautiful views. 
Click on the following Farley links to see what sizes are available today: 

Farley 5

Farley changes the game for fat bikes. With lightweight carbon or alloy frame options and the ability to accommodate 5" tires and a variety of wheel sizes, Farley is the quickest and most versatile fat bike ever. 

Farley 7

Trek’s all-season Farley 7 takes on whatever you can throw at it. Snow, sand, roots, and rocks—it’s all good when you’re on a Farley.