Trek Verve+

 What are your excuses not to ride your bike? Huge hill in your neighborhood, you can’t keep up with others, its too hot outside, your body just can’t make it today? Electric bikes throw out any excuses you have not to ride. I am talking about pedal assist only bikes. These are bikes that have a motor and battery that you have to pedal for the motor to kick in. (I am not talking about any bicycle with a throttle.) Pedal assist bikes can take your riding to a whole new level that you never thought possible. They make riding fun again, and melt the hills away.


Now we are going to talk about one of my favorite electric bikes, the Trek Verve+. We were personally so excited when Trek Bikes came out with the Verve + because we love the non electric Verve so much. It is the perfect bike to cruise around the Salt Lake City Valley.


The Trek Verve + is a great city, hybrid style bike. This bike is efficient, smooth, and a very comfortable. The wider tire smooths out the bumps and keeps the bike rolling very efficient. The stem is adjustable, making it the perfect height for everyone. It has a wider more comfortable seat, with a suspension seat post to smooth out the ride even further. It comes with a Bosch Active Line 250 watt motor that can assist you up to 20 mph. One of the best things about this motor, is its location. It is a center drive motor, this means it is placed right below you sits in-between the pedals. This has changed how electric bikes ride. This is where your center of gravity is, having the motor here makes the bike ride just like any other bicycle. The battery is a high end Bosh Powerpack Performance 400wH. Depending on the level of assist you set the bike at and wind/ hill variables, this battery should last between 30-100 miles. We did have a customer share their experience with us: She said she went for a ride almost everyday for about 7 miles and she would charge her bike every two weeks. That is a lot of fun riding out of one charge of battery.

Both Trek and Bosch are very large reputable companies. They both believe in what they build and they back up their products with the best warranties out there.

With everything the Trek Verve+ comes with, and at the price $2,299.99 you can feel reassured you are getting an amazing value!

This bike comes two models: Verve+ or Verve+ Lowstep

Verve+ comes in the colors silver or Dark blue and Verve+ Lowstep comes in silver or coral. There are multiple sizes of each of these models. So we can guarantee a great fit for anyone! We currently have each bike in stock in every size and color.

Don’t just take our word for it that this bike is amazing. Come into Hyland Cyclery today and test ride one!