Christmas Gifts For Every Cyclist

We've got your back this holiday season with hand picked Christmas items straight from our staff that use them daily.

Tom’s Picks

Giro Privateer Mountain Shoe

Looking for a great Christmas gift, choose the Giro Privateer Bicycle Shoe. This Shoe is super comfortable! It has two velcro straps and a buckle for a secure fit and a durable sole. Good for all types of mountain riding.

Jessica’s Picks

Bontrager Convertible WSD Windshell- Womens

This is a great pick for the outdoorsy women in your life. This Bontrager Convertible jacket is so versatile it works great for any situation.I have used mine in windstorms, rainstorms, or on a cooler day as a vest. The semi fit keeps it cute and in style, while the pockets and zip off arms make it functional. This Jacket is so cute I wear it on bike rides, hiking, or as an everyday jacket. MSRP price is $89.99 and sale price is $35.00 making it a steal of a deal this holiday season!

Electric Bikes

Give the gift of speed and assist to any cyclist that needs an extra boost. This gift is guaranteed to make anyone jump for joy on Christmas Day. Electric bikes make riding more fun, shorten commute times, and throw out excuses not to ride! We carry high end durable electric bikes in Trek or Electra brand. Both of these brands are paired with Shimano or Bosch to make the batteries and motors just as amazing as the bikes themselves.
**Warning- rider will not be able to stop smile while riding this bike.* *

Kai’s Picks

Pedro’s Tire Levers

Flat tires. We’ve all been there on the side of the road or in the garage amongst snapped levers, pinched tubes, and broken dreams of riding off into the sunset. Well, despair no more! Pedro’s tire levers are the perfect tool for the job. They’re made of an exceptionally sturdy plastic composite and have just the right shape for digging under tight tire beads. And they’re brightly colored so you can find them at the bottom of your pack or saddlebag! At $3.95 a pair, they’re a great stocking stuffer that every cyclist will appreciate.

Bontrager Rapid Pack

Yes it’s a fanny pack, and yes it’s awesome. It’s got space aplenty for when those light-and-fast rides mysteriously end up taking a bit longer. Sitting on your hips, this pack keeps your center of gravity low and the air flowing when you’re grunting up climbs. The red buckle and accents are scientifically proven to shave seconds off your best times. Bontrager Rapid Pack is priced at $59.99, makes it a great value for just how much utility you can stuff into it. 

Carter’s Picks

Deity Knuckleduster Locking Grips (132mm) (Red)

Diety Knuckleduster Grips

Knuckleduster Grips are a great and comfortable lock on grip. It has a waffle pattern on the back and they comes in lots of fun colors. These grips are the perfect way to make your bike stand out without breaking the bank.

Steve’s Picks

Transition Scout

Have someone on your list who’s dreaming of a new mountain bike? Spread the stoke this year by putting a shiny new Transition Scout under the tree. Transition Bikes is a relatively small brand headquartered in Bellingham Washington, who’s made a name for themselves building gravity fed mountain bikes. The Scout is probably my favorite bike of the 2018 line up, particularly in the habanero orange color. The Scout features 150/130mm of GiddyUp 2.OHH suspension travel backed by Transitions SBG or Speed Balanced Geometry. This bike is a bottle rocket. It climbs extremely well and loves to push the limits when the trail gets rowdy. While tackling uphill switchbacks or pushing around fast off-camber corners you will notice the new SBG geometry. It makes this bike an absolute blast to ride and I guaranteed it will put a smile on your riders face every time they throw a leg over it. Well, what are you waiting for? Make their dreams come true this year with the Transition Scout.

OneUp EDC Tools 

Ya know what’s more comfortable than wearing a backpack while mountain biking? Not wearing a backpack. A few years back I set my backpack aside in favor of more lightweight options –fanny packs, water bottles and strapping different items to my frame. Often times I’d fine myself in the middle of a ride needing some critical part or tool and hoping I’d stuffed one in my pocket. With the OneUp EDC or Every Day Cary tool stealthily installed in my bike’s steer tube my worries are nearly forgotten. The EDC tool uses a clever design that paired with either the EDC Top Cap or the EDC Pump allows you to carry the basics on your bike at all times. The multi-tool itself consists of the following: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex keys, T25 torx key, quick link tool, EDC top cap tool, and a flat head driver. The separate chain breaker is mounted onto a tire lever that doubles as the latch to hold the tool onto the carrier, and it's also home to four different spoke keys and a spare chain ring bolt. This pretty much covers everything you’d need if you find yourself in a tight spot. Drop one of these handy OneUp EDC tools into your mountain bikers stocking this Christmas and their days of lugging a large and uncomfortable back pack will be gone. #freetheback

Franklin’s Picks

Park Tool Deluxe Home-Mechanic Repair Stand
Picture this: Its a beautiful day, you have a few hours and have the perfect ride all planned out. You gather all your gear and go to grab your bike, and you have a flat tire. I sure remember my first few flats, and even with the basic tools and know-how it still manged to take at least a frustrating hour before I could get rolling again. Fast forward to where I am today- Running the service department here at Hyland Cyclery. The tools and procedures are mostly the same, but the one thing that I would useless without would be a good work bench. Park Tool makes a variety of stands, for changing the occasional flat tire to a professional stand for a full on overhaul; having a repair stand is a must for any home mechanic!

RockShox Digital Shock Pump

There are not many things in life as beautiful as the modern mountain bike. One of the best ways to dial it in would be properly set suspension. This is done by adding or removing air, which is done by a shock pump. I personally carry one everywhere I go (at least while biking). Having a RockShox Digital shock pump can mean the difference between riding a bike that feels like a pogo stick, and the in-sync machine your bike was meant to be. We have an assortment here at the shop to fit the wants and needs of anyone looking to get the most out of their ride!

Trek Card

During the holidays Trek is giving you the gift of 12 month interest free financing on any purchase over $700.

Hyland Cyclery Gift Card

Sometimes it's tough knowing what to give the cyclists who has everything. A Hyland Cyclery gift card is a handy item that any cyclist is sure to love because it can be used towards anything in the shop from a bike tune up to special new bike. By purchasing a Hyland Cyclery gift card you are also helping a small locally owned bike shop do what we love.