"2017 Mountain Bike of the Year"

Trek bikes have been getting good recognition for 2017 and for good reason. Everyone has their opinion about the different bike brands out there. As for Trek, I believe you can't bash it until you have actually ridden it. Out of all the bikes I have ridden, these bikes are by far the best handling. Don't just take my word for it, look at what others are saying:

PB Awards

Trek Slash 2017 Bike of the Year

Pinkbike's Take

The Slash's blistering speed and downhill wizardry helped propel it to the front of the pack in the battle for Mountain Bike of the Year, along with the fact that it's a sign of the future in both the enduro and the DH race worlds. There's no doubt that 29ers have left their awkward adolescent stage far behind, and in 2017 it was the Slash that epitomized just how capable they've become.

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The Bike of the Year 2017 is… Trek Fuel Ex 7

Highs: Fun, fast and flash
Lows: None come to mind
Verdict: The sheer pace of the Fuel EX 7 29 throws petrol on the heated wheel size debate and then fans the flames. But the Fuel EX 29 isn’t simply a fire starter. There’s a subtlety to the ride quality of the new Fuel EX 29 that lets you dance up or down every trail at a scorching pace. The fact that it looks red hot only boosts it appeal further. Sure, we’ve criticized the Plus version of the Fuel EX for being too expensive compared to the competition, the Fuel EX 7 29 however is right on the money, both in terms of value and performance.

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Hyland Cyclery

When it comes to knowing bikes we have 75 years of experience under our belt. Bikes are in our blood. We have sold many different bike brands over the years. As of 2017 we carry Trek, Electra and Transition. Why? Because we had so many awful experiences with other bike brands. Flat out if you want the best bike for your money and a company to back you up, then we have exactly what you want. This is what we live for. We want you to have an amazing experience buying, riding and a great experience if something unpredictable happens.

As for experience and knowledge just talk to Steve the General Manager. He is the forth and next generation to oversea Hyland Cyclery. He has been working at the shop his whole life. His passion for bikes doesn't end when he locks up for the night; he is a bike fanatic. He eats, sleeps, and breaths bikes. Naturally, he has the highest standards for his own bikes. So it is no surprise that the last three bikes he has owned has won the Pink Bike "Bike of the Year" award for three years running. To see his bikes check out his Instagram post.

When you come into Hyland you should feel reassured that you are purchasing a bike from friendly, knowledgeable, passionate bikers that want to make your experience unforgettable. Come into the shop and check out the 2018 Trek and Transition bikes that are out now. Don't forget to ask Steve what he will be riding for 2018 because it will probably make it on the 2018 bike of the year list.