The last minute Hyland Cyclery Gift Guide for Cyclists

Do you have a cyclist on your holiday shopping list and just don't quite know what to give them? Our employees hand picked some items they love for our last minute Gift Guide for Cyclists.

Adrian's Gift Picks

Bontrager Turbo Charger MTB

The Bontrager Turbo Charger MTB pump lumbers over all the other pumps, sports a significantly stouter stance and has a gauge that only reaches 80psi. Why is this pump so different? It's because this pump is intended for high volume tires and low pressures. With fatter tires being all the rage these days, everyone who owns a fatty, a chubby, or simply a standard husky mountain bike will appreciate this pump for it's more accurate readings of low pressure and ease of use because it takes less strokes than your average pump. The fatter your tires, the more crucial an accurate low reading is. Not only is this pump very functional for all the fat tired hooligans, but it will also add a lot of style to your workbench with it's burly yet refined looks. This pump is definitely a must have item for any serious mountain biker.

Mucky Nutz Butt Fender

For the avid commuter, mountain biker or urban rider on your list, I suggest you take a look at the Mucky Nutz Butt Fender. This simple little plank of rigid plastic will save your butt, literally. I leave one in my pack at all times because it virtually takes up zero space and installs in seconds to my saddle when the road or trail gets wet. With a price tag of $11.99 it makes a great stocking stuffer. Also check out other simple plastic fenders we carry from Mucky Nutz. They even have a fork mount face fender for your fat bike.

Carter's Gift Pick

Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Lock

Every cyclist needs a lock! Whether you're leaving your bike outside of the market or worried about it in your garage, it's never a bad idea to lock up your bike. The Kryptonite Keeper 785 is very versatile and great lock for the money. It  features a nice nylon covering over a triple heat-treated manganese steel chain that makes it easy to lock up your bike to just about anything.

Franklin's Gift Picks

Topeak Alien III

"The bicycle is complex by design, simple by nature. The bike is nothing more than circles turning circles, its the human motor that makes it elegant." There is nothing better than when your bike is dialed and working perfectly. Even then the unexpected can happen while you are on the trail and you your bike may need a small adjustment or tweak. Not having the right tool can put a damper on your ride larger than a blizzard in June. I never leave home without a great tool. The Topeak Alien III has great bike specific tools, from allen wrenches to spoke wrenches all held together by sleek, lightweight carbon fiber body. It comes with a handy storage pouch to keep it in while not in use and can save the ride for yourself, or anyone else you come across while riding. The right tool is possibly the best thing to own as a cyclist, aside from your bike!!!

Deity Pedals

A huge key to riding bikes is having a good connection to the bike. Deity pedals are hands down the best flat pedals on the market. We stock 4 different models in 6 different colors to fit every riders style and needs. The Deity Decoy pedals are our most popular pedal. They offer sealed bearings, alloy cage with removable pins for unprecedented traction and 6 fancy anodized colors. They make for a perfect gift and will make sure your feet stay planted on the bike where they should be!

Tom's Gift Pick

Swiftwick Socks

My pick for an awesome Christmas gift is a pair of Swiftwick socks. They are the best socks I have ever owned! They are super comfortable and durable. Swiftwick socks keep your feet cool and they help your circulation due to Compression Technology. They are antimicrobial and wick moisture away from your feet keeping them dry. They are a guaranteed winner for any cyclist this year!!!!

Steve's Gift Picks

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes have gained popularity over the past couple years and for good reason. Riding indoors can be pretty boring.. While riding outside in the snow is a ton of fun! Having a fat bike next to the tree is guaranteed to blow some socks off Christmas morning and is sure to bring them smiles for years. We stock the Surly Pugsley and Trek Farley models in an assortment of sizes and colors, even including the kids 24" Farley! My favorite fat bike has been the Farley 7. It's 5 inch tires plow through snow while it's sporty geometry makes it super fun to ride. Don't want to buy the whole bike? Give the gift of a one day fat bike rental where they can ride one of our Farley's and see what all the fuss is about. 

Hyland Cyclery Gift Card

Sometimes it's tough knowing what to give the cyclists who has everything. A Hyland Cyclery gift card is a handy item that any cyclist is sure to love because it can be used towards anything in the shop from a bike tune up to special new bike. By purchasing a Hyland Cyclery gift card you are also helping a small locally owned bike shop do what we love.