Featured Bike- Trek Fuel EX 29

Over the past few years Trek's Superfly and Rumblefish 29-inch lines have gained quite the reputation as great cross country 29ers.  Both bikes are excellent cross country machines utilizing Gary Fisher's G2 geometry and swing link suspension design. As the 29er popularity has grown Trek realized the need to design a trail ready 29er with a more relaxed geometry and boost in suspension travel. This summer Trek launched the all new 120mm Fuel EX 29 and 140mm Remedy 29 29er mountain bike lines. The new Fuel EX 29 is Trek's first 29er that utilizes their 26-inch suspension technologies of Full Floater and ABP- combine this with G2 geometry and you have one amazing bike.

Since the 29er's early release in June we've had our service manager Steve riding the new Fuel EX 9.8 29 on some of our great Utah trails and this is what he has to say:

Over the past 6 years I've spent countless hours on Trek's 26-inch suspension platform and truthfully I haven't been able to give it up for the swinglink designed 29ers.  When I heard the news that Trek was releasing a  Full Floater and ABP designed 29er I couldn't wait to throw a leg over one.  I've gotten plenty of rides in on the new Fuel EX 29 and it I might not give it up.

My first impression of the bike was how quick and lively it felt yet it didn't struggle around tight turns and switchbacks like so many 29ers do.  The big wheels roll over rocks and roots with little effort and make those long climbs less grueling.  It took me a minute to adjust to the offset front fork but once i figured out my weight distribution I can get the bike to corner as if it were on rails.

I've been very happy with how the Fuel EX 9.8 29 came spec'd from Trek.  The bike has Fox Racing Shox suspension, full Shimano XT parts kit, Bontrager XR3 tubeless ready tires mounted to Rhythm wheels and the icing on the cake is the Rock Shox Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost. Everything on the bike held up to my abuse and really allowed me to push the bike to its limits.

After spending some quality time on the Fuel EX I think I might be a 29er convert and the shop may not get their bike back..

If you are looking for a bike that will feel right at home on our rugged Utah trails we're sure the Trek Fuel EX 29 will exceed your expectations. They are available in 15 different models ranging from the aluminum Fuel EX 5 29 at $1799 to the full carbon Fuel EX 9.9 at $7999, 3 of which are fully customizable with Trek's Project One program.  With that many choices we are sure there is a model to fit your needs and budget.  Stop by soon and we'll help you ride out with a great new bike.