Stay Warm, Ride Longer

Fall is here, the days are getting shorter and the air is feeling cooler but that doesn't mean you have to park your bike just yet.  Riding through October, November and even December can be very rewarding.  The key to riding in cooler weather is being prepared with the right cycling clothing.  Today's high-tech cycling clothing looks fashionable and protects you from the elements while keeping you warm and dry by wicking sweat away.

Here are a few tips for staying warm this Autumn:

Layering-  Wearing a few easily removable layers keeps you warm when its chilly and allows you to shed layers when temps warm up.  We like to start off wearing a high-tech base layer paired with knee and arm warmers.  These items are great for heat management on those cooler days.

Keep the wind off-  Keeping the wind from cutting straight through you is very important to staying warm.  A light-weight windbreaker goes along way.  Many cycling windbreakers pack up tight and are easily stowed in a jersey pocket.  Thermal tights worn over your favorite cycling short will keep your legs warm and moving.

Fingers and toes- Letting your fingers and toes get cold is a quick way to end a ride.  Keep your hands warm with a good set of full-finger gloves.  There are a few types of full finger gloves ranging from basic thin gloves to winter gloves.  Keep your toes warm with a nice set of wool socks or shoe covers.  Wool socks will keep your feet dry while shoe covers keep the wind off.

These are a few items we like:


Bontrager Arm Warmers are the perfect take along for changing weather.  Wear them while it's cold and peel them off when it warms up.

Bontrager B3 Baselayers is a great midweight under jersey layer.  Wear it in cold to colder conditions to stay warm.

Keeping the wind off-

Bontrager Convertible Windshell Jacket is the perfect all-in-one windbreaker.  It packs up small and has removable sleeves quickly turning it in to a wind-vest.

Bontrager Solstice Tights are a nice over-the-short tight that will keep keep your legs warm on cooler days.

Fingers and Toes-

Swiftwick Pursuit Wool Sock is our favorite sock.  The wool fabric keeps your feet warm and dry while the socks compression improves blood flow.

Bontrager Sport Neoprene Booty is an over the shoe booty to protect you from the worst elements.  This neoprene booty will work with all shoes / cleat configurations and will keep your feet warm and dry in a wide variety of conditions.

We stock a huge selection of all-weather cycling clothing designed to keep you comfortable while on the bike. Our expert staff can help you choose the right clothes for your needs. Stop by soon and  remember: Stay Warm, Ride Longer.

Hyland Cyclery Salt Lake City, UT