Canyons Bike Park

The Canyons Resort is known worldwide for some of the best Skiing and Snowboarding. Growing on this reputation they are now Utah's fastest growing lift-accessed mountain biking and the only Mountain Bike Park in Utah.  It has quickly become one of our favorite places to ride.

The Canyons's wide variety of flow and downhill trails feature fun berms, rollers, jumps and wood features.  They have 2 skills parks for dialing in the basic riding skills.  With trail progression from easy to advance The Canyons Bike Park is great for riders of all abilities.

Besides the bike park The Canyons has great hiking, fishing, zip-line tours and is only a short drive up to Park City (apprx. 30 minutes).  It's also a great way to escape the valley heat!

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Where to start

We like to start our day off on Flying Salmon or Wild Mouse pumping the turns and jumping the table tops before moving our way up to the bigger features on Rally Cat or Dropkick.  If you really want to test your skills head on over to Split Decision but watch out for the mandatory drops and gap jumps.

What kind of bike is best for The Canyons Bike Park?

While most of the trails can be ridden on any mountain bike.  We prefer a downhill oriented bike with with a durable frame, 7-10 inches of suspension travel and disc brakes.  Our 2 favorite bikes to ride in the bike park are the Trek Session 8 and Transition TR250.  The Session 8 is a full blown downhill bike that will gobble up anything in front of it while the TR250 is a more playful bike "park bike".

Discount Bike Park Tickets

We now have discount bike park tickets available in our store.  You buy 4 passes for only $99. Regular  window ticket price $29 each.  Use all 4 tickets yourself or share them with your friends.

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