Commuting By Bike

May is National Bike Month and last week was National Bike to Work Week. We challenged our employees to ride to work everyday leading up to Friday's National Bike to Work Day. Hot pancakes and orange juice were waiting for our awesome employees who rode to work Friday morning.


There are endless benefits of riding a bike. It helps you to stay fit and healthy while keeping the air clean and protecting the environment. A bike also saves you money and is a fun way to get to work. Currently gas prices are around $3.45 per gallon. Filling up your gas tank can be expensive! Biking provides a low cost alternative to driving to work.

Less than 1% of Americans commute to work by bike, but about 41% of the work commutes are less than 5 miles and about 28% of all trips Americans make are less than 1 mile. Only 1 mile! Riding a bike 1 mile really doesn't take much longer than getting in the car and sometimes a bike can even be faster depending on the amount of traffic.


Whether you are just starting out as a beginner commuter or you have been commuting by bike for years, there are a few tips we can offer to make your commute more enjoyable.


Having the right bike to commute on can make all the difference. It is important to have a bike that is dependable, comfortable and that will protect you from the elements.  We have hand picked a few of our favorite commuter bikes here at the shop to share with you.

The Torker U-District as the perfect starter commuting bike. It's simple singlespeed drivetrain has less parts to wear out and can easily be turned into a fixed gear. It's steel frame smooths out the bumpy pavement and makes this bike ideal for commuting around town.

We like the Trek Neko WSD. This bike is specifically designed for women and is made to be a go-anywhere bike. The Shimano 21-speed easy-shifting drivetrain gets you to your destination quickly and smoothly. This is our top pick for the ladies!

The Trek Soho is the ultimate commuting machine. From its internal 7 speed hub and full coverage fenders this bike has great protection from the elements and will get you get you to work on time.

Lastly is the Trek FX+ electric-assist bike.  This electric-assist bike has a built in electric motor to help you out on the tougher days. It's a pedal-assist system, so if you pedal lightly, the range is 25 miles, and you can extend that range to 45 miles by pedaling more! It's a sophisticated setup that actually recharges itself on downhills, has no memory effect and the removable battery can be recharged from any wall outlet. Getting around just got a whole lot easier!

Not ready for a new bike?  Keeping your current bike serviced and tuned properly is very important and can make for a much better commuting experience.  Our expert bike technicians can give you a free estimate on repairs when you bring your bike into the store.


Commuting to work can sometimes be hard if you don't have the right gear and accessories to get you there comfortably. Here are a few things we suggest you make sure to have for a good commute.

Bontrager Commuting Knickers are a great item to own if you are commuting regularly. These knickers breathe well to keep you cool and dry during your commute. The have a semi-fitted cut to make sure you don't get caught up on anything while riding and they won't flap in the wind. They are pretty sleek and stylish too! These are available in men's and women's sizes.

Be prepared for those summer thunderstorms and pack a Bontrager Commuting Stormshell. This jacket will keep you dry and pack away nicely so you can always be prepared.


Nobody wants to be late to work because of a flat tire. Be sure to take proper flat prevention measures and carry a spare tube and pump.  We set up many commuters with our Flat Prevention program that comes with a 1 year guarantee against flat tires.
Sometimes you get so busy at work you get stuck working late and end up having to ride home later than you expected. Riding in the dark is dangerous and you don't want to get caught in that situation without lights. There are many different bicycle lights to choose from, but you want to make sure you have a red flashing light on the back of your bike as well as a white headlight on the front. We even carry lights that attach to your helmet to make the commute home after a late night at the office even better.

A good bike lock is another thing you don't want to leave the house with. It doesn't matter if you are stopping for a quick cup of coffee or leaving your bike while you work, you want to make sure you lock you bike up with a reliable lock. It only takes a second for someone to hop on your bike and be gone before you notice. Keep your investment safe with a bike lock.


Riding your bike with cars can be intimidating and dangerous.  Plan your route ahead and pick roads with wide shoulders and less traffic and always be aware of your surroundings.

Have more questions on getting started with commuting? Stop by the shop and our staff will be more than willing to help you out.

Be safe out there and enjoy the ride!