Enduro Racing

This past weekend was the all new Bell Wasatch Enduro race that took place at the Canyons Resort in Park City.  What is this new style of racing called "Enduro" that is sweeping the nation?  Enduro racing combines the pedaling of a Cross Country ride with the thrills and speed of Downhill racing.  The race was modeled after the "Italian Super Enduro" format.  With this format there are untimed "transfer" stages with some climbing involved and timed "competition" stages that were mostly downhill.  The race was basically a big group ride with your buddies where you were timed on the descents and finished with awards and prizes.

While most formats of racing require very specialized bikes, the best bike suited for Enduro is the one in almost every riders garage-  it's a mid travel trail-bike. These bikes usually have 26 or 29 inch wheels and 4-7 inches of suspension travel.  If you are looking for a ripping new trail-bike that can handle racing an Enduro in the future we recommend the Trek Remedy, Trek Rumblefish, or Ellsworth Evolution. All of these bikes are great everyday trail-bikes that would rip in the Enduro style racing.

For a first year event the Bell Wasatch Enduro went off without a hitch. It was a great day hanging out with friends and meeting new riders. We want to send a big thanks to Ali Goulet and the Canyons Resort for organizing and putting on such an awesome event.  We hope to see many more events like this in the future and can't wait to see you at the races.