Get Ready for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner, is your bike ready? Now is a great time to make sure your bike is ready for upcoming riding season. These simple tips will help get your bike rolling smooth and keep you safe while riding:

1. Clean your bike.

• This may be the simplest thing to help rejuvenate and prolong the life of your bike. Simply take hot sudsy water and thoroughly scrub your entire bike, rinse it off, and dry.

2. Inspect your brake system

• This is critical to ensuring everyday safety as you ride your bike. Squeeze the brake levers to ensure that the pads contact the rim simultaneously.

3. Inspect your wheels

• Tires are critical for providing a secure contact the ground, whether it’s pavement, dirt, or gravel. Spin your wheels and make sure there is no wobble, also inspect your spokes to make sure they are not loose or broken.

4. Inspect the drivetrain

• The drivetrain is one of the most important elements of your bike; it transfers the power from your legs to the rear wheel. Check this system by raising the real wheel, turning the pedals, and shifting through all the gears. Shifting should be smooth, quick, and easy to do.

5. Add lubricant

• As a final check to ensure your bike is ready, take time to thoroughly lubricate the chain and other components of the drivetrain including the derailleur and any exposed brake cable wire that can become stuck with dirt and grime.

Taking these simple steps will help prolong the life your bike and ensure that it is ready to ride when Spring comes! Hyland Cyclery offers a full-service maintenance shop and we offer a huge variety of products and accessories for your bike to ensure it’s in great shape! Visit to browse our product catalog, or come in to our store for customized maintenance tips to fit your specific bike and riding style.