Dressed to Ride

Spring is a great time to get outside, ride your bike, and enjoy the beautiful scenery Utah has to offer. But with the weather changing so rapidly, being equipped with the proper attire is essential in one’s quest for comfort and enjoyment during the spring months. You need clothes that protect you from the elements. Clothes that wick and breathe to keep you warm and dry no matter how far or fast you ride.

So, what clothes are both functional and stylish? We personally enjoy Bontrager. It provides apparel that is stylish yet functional. Bontrager also provides warmers and other spring specific items such as arm and leg warmers, which are easily removable once you warm up on a ride. Technology has come a long way with biking apparel and by updating your wardrobe you can reap the benefits of these advancements.  Check out HylandCyclery.com to view some of the Bontrager apparel we have available in the store.

What brands of clothes do you enjoy wearing while biking in the spring?